Facade Retention

Acquiring planning permission for new developments often poses a challenge, especially where the front is at odds with the surroundings. One way of overcoming any misgivings that Local Authorities and members of the public may have is to retain the original facade.

Facade retention allows the interior to be either completely renovated or built from scratch, while ensuring the exterior remains unchanged. The result is a building in-keeping with the area, but which on the inside is built to modern standards.

Our facade retention services include installing foundations to support temporary loads, timber packing existing brick or stonework, vertical doorway support and ensuring pedestrian and traffic access is enabled throughout the duration of the works.

This careful planning and management of the facade retention project aids the approval process from Local Authorities and keeps disruption to a minimum.

Our team is fully qualified and well versed in all aspects of facade retention projects including the operation of equipment and strategic management tasks.

Further information on our facade retention services can be found by contacting us through our website or by speaking to a member of our friendly team on 01403 839167 / 0118 373 5115.

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